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Lindsey Graham, Start Fighting For Justice For Brett Kavanaugh

Yes, Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed. But that isn’t justice. Justice requires consequences for those who tarnished the man and lied to Senate Judiciary investigators and committee members.

Senate Must Hold An Investigative Hearing. Top Obama Officials Need To Be Held Accountable.

Why should the Senate wait until Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz completes his report on the origin of the FBI’s investigation into Trump’s 2016 campaign to hold a hearing? It shouldn’t. A Senate hearing would force former senior Obama...

Graham Will Advise AG Barr On Rollout Of Russia Trump Docs. They Must Be Made Public.

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham told Fox News’ Sean Hannity Tuesday, he will meet with Department of Justice Attorney General William Barr this week to advise on the public rollout of classified documents pertaining to the FBI’s investigation into...