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LGBT Activists Vilify Pastor Arrested For Enacting Plot Of Celebrated Gay Movie

It seems a same-sex, adult-teen relationship is either a beautiful expression of LGBT progress or an example of perversion deserving of jail time, depending entirely on whether the adult involved is a Christian.

Pete Buttigieg’s Candidacy Exposes Democrats’ ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ Approach To Black Voters

While black Americans' attitudes on LGBTQ issues pose a problem for Pete Buttigieg, his candidacy exposes a more general issue for a Democratic Party whose elites are disproportionately white leftists.

Scholastic’s New School Catalog Hawks Books To Saturate Kids With Identity Politics

The world's largest publisher and distributor of books to kids, which hosts the No. 1-visited site for U.S. elementary school teachers, has gone full-on woke. You won't believe the garbage they're selling to public schools.

My Son’s Freshman Orientation At Virginia Tech Was Full Of Leftist Propaganda

Now that I have witnessed college propaganda firsthand, I refuse to ignore the indefensible and discriminatory behavior of the liberal campus bullies.