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Last year, I binge-watched over a dozen videos by popular trans YouTubers, like Jamie Raines, which left me surprisingly sympathetic to their stories of transitioning with hormones and having sexual reassignment surgeries.

Life isn’t easy. Being human isn’t easy, no matter your gender, your ethnicity, your sexual orientation or how much money you have. I want people with bonafide gender dysphoria to live fulfilled, happy lives, like anybody else.

What I don’t want is for litigious trans activists to turn the world upside down with lawfare, like Jessica Yaniv, who sprang into infamy over the summer.

Yaniv, who is biologically and anatomically male but who claims to identify as female weaponized Canadian laws that protect transgender people and put several aestheticians out of business for their refusal to perform a Brazilian bikini wax hair removal around her penis.

Nobody in the trans community stood up against this abuse until successful trans female YouTuber, Blaire White interviewed Yaniv in a livestream video, which received well over a million views.

White says, “This person is the walking, talking, living and breathing embodiment of what people fear when it comes to ‘trans’ people – and I put ‘trans’ in quotes and you’ll see why if you watch the video.” This video is the short presentation that she edited from that livestream.

As a result of these videos, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police searched Yaniv’s home, arrested her and she was held overnight.

The RCMP are now investigating claims of online sexual harassment from several teenage girls, including a claim that Yaniv offered to send child pornography to a minor female.

Upon Yaniv’s release from the holding cell, she called the police to report that somebody sent child porn to her computer through Facebook messenger. The RCMP’s investigations remain active.

Alexandra Bruce

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