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Devout Trump supporter and self-proclaimed 'toughest sheriff in America' Joe Arpaio has announced that he intends to run for re-election for his old job in 2020 at the age of 87, two years after his presidential pardon. Arpaio, the firebrand former Arizona sheriff known for his staunch anti-immigration stance vowed a return to the glory days of his 'old-school,' tough-on-crime time in office. He's pledged to re-establish what he called 'Tent City Jail,' reintroduce chain gangs, and even return his posse to its former strength. "Watch out world! We are back!" he said in a statement. Arpaio made the announcement on Sunday, on the anniversary of his pardon by President Donald Trump. The former head of the DEA in Turkey, Mexico City and Latin America was voted out of office in 2016 after 24 years in the job from January 1, 1993 until December 31, 2016, making him Maricopa County's longest-serving sheriff.