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Though there were some rumors that the presser might be called off at the last minute, President Trump and French President Emmanuel Macron were set to hold a joint news conference Monday in Biarritz on the final day of this G-7 summit.

According to the latest update, the news conference was slated to begin at 10:30 am ET. The two leaders were expected to discuss the Iran Deal  - seeing as Macron had quietly invited Javad Zarif, Iran's foreign secretary, to the summit. President Trump insisted on Monday that Macron had asked his permission before inviting the top Iranian diplomat. 

Washington sources said Trump didn't have any contact with Zarif.

The two leaders appear to be on better terms now that they have largely put Trump's threats behind them. While the two have a tendency to "go at each other a little bit," Trump said, they still have a "special relationship."

We suspect the number one question to Trump will be on whether or not a call took place with China overnight, and whether he and Mnuchin lied (as China claims).

It's also likely that the two leaders will also be asked about the prospects for the White House to slap tariffs on French wine and cheese, whether the G-7 will invite Russia to rejoin it next year, as well as the Paris Climate Accord and Iran Deal, among other questions.

Watch the news conference live below: