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Bernie Sanders is no Jew. Bernie Sanders was born as a Jew, but this vile communist has proudly abandoned his Judaism. In fact, Bernie Sanders is the most anti-Semitic presidential candidate of our life-time.

Sanders is a radical hater of Israel. Sanders employs anti-Semites in his campaign. Sanders supports anti-Semites such as Linda Sarsour, AOC, James Zogby, and Jeremy Corbyn. Sanders refuses to support anti-BDS (Boycott the Jews) legislation, and has come to the defense of Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib when they have spewed vicious anti-Semitic rhetoric.

Bernie Sanders must not be allowed to exploit the fact that he was born into a Jewish family for political purposes. Instead, Sanders should be confronted for the bigoted Jew-hater that he is. #Jexodus!

Bernie: Being First Jewish President Would be ‘Another Barrier Broken Down’

By Ben Sales, Jerusalem Post, July 13, 2019:

This might be the most Jewish moment of Sanders’ latest interview with NowThis — a progressive social media video site with a following — even though he was asked about what it would mean to be the first Jewish president.

The ten-minute interview, titled “Twenty Questions for 2020,” was designed to help Sanders try to connect with voters on a more personal level. It tackles Sanders’ growing focus on racial justice (along with income inequality), but also his sleep-deprived schedule, his basketball skills and whether he thinks he can deliver on any of his far-reaching promises to inject democratic socialism into the US government if he’s elected.