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The U.S. could spark a currency war in "two to three years" once it shifts away from its trade war with China, a strategist claimed Friday. Speaking on CNBC's "Squawk Box Europe," Christian Gattiker, head of research at Julius Baer, said the U.S. Federal Reserve has been yielding to pressure from the White House with its policy - a pattern that could shape the dollar's future. "They moved 180 degrees from being in auto-pilot tightening mode to cutting rates and easing monetary policy, so I think there is a certain pressure on," he said. Gattiker added that the current geopolitical environment was creating new objectives for the U.S. central bank, including the maintenance of an "orderly economic environment." Comment: Because in the multipolar world investors have their choice of markets which are based on substance and order, and not mired in deception: "Astonishing fraud": Pentagon stashes billions, spends it later to avoid accountability