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The Pentagon has launched an investigation into how a cache of American-made missiles ended up in the hands of the Libyan National Army - a military group vying to depose the US and UN-supported government in Tripoli. The stockpile of Javelin anti-tank missiles - four shoulder-fired units that cost more than $170,000 each - was discovered in the city of Gharyan, after a government counteroffensive captured the town from the LNA several days ago. The US-made missiles, along with Chinese-made laser-guided artillery shells, were shown to journalists by forces linked to the Tripoli government. Markings on their containers indicate that the Javelins were initially sold by Washington to the United Arab Emirates in 2008. Produced by defense giants Raytheon and Lockheed Martin, the FGM-148 Javelin uses infrared guidance to arc a missile into the air and destroy a tank from above while its user remains safe behind cover. It can destroy all main battle tanks fielded worldwide.