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On Saturday afternoon Quillette gay Asian journalist Andy Ngo was beaten and robbed by several Antifa attackers at a Portland protest march.

Ngo was later hospitalized Saturday night with a brain bleed following the brutal Antifa attack as he covered dueling left-right demonstrations in Portland, Oregon, Ngo’s attorney Harmeet K. Dhillon said.

Following the attack Michelle Malkin set up a GoFund me account for Ngo, who was also robbed during the attack. So far over $100,000 has been raised for Andy Ngo.

On Sunday afternoon Michelle Malkin identified at least 12 Antifa goons who assaulted reporter Andy Ngo.

And Michelle pointed out that the antifa terrorists were wearing assault gloves.

Oakley assault gloves are made for protecting your hands as you beat your opponents.

Oakley SI Assault Gloves advertise their product as tougher-than-nails gloves are designed with key features that professional enforcers need in the field. A sleek and covert profile allows for better control of weapons and tools. Rugged micro-vented leather palm and fingers reduce heat build-up and encourage more natural hand movement with a snug next-to-skin feel. Mesh zones and rubber exhaust ports increase breathability while working to push sweat vapor out. Raised carbon fiber knuckle plating provides enhanced protection. Premium materials are combined to implement all-over flexibility through articulated construction.

This looks like a planned beating. The antifa terrorists came prepared for battle.

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