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In an exclusive interview with Sputnik, Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan discusses developing relations with Moscow, his hopes from the upcoming Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit and the ongoing crisis with rival India. Sputnik: Do you plan to have talks with the Russian leadership in the near future? Do you yourself plan any visits to Russia? Imran Khan: I would love to visit Russia. I have - a long time ago - only been once. And, yes, I hope to meet the Russian leadership in this conference in Bishkek, the SCO meeting this coming week. So I hope to meet President Putin. Sputnik: What are your expectations from this meeting? Imran Khan: I think this will just be an informal meeting on the sides of the SCO conference. I already met him briefly during my visit to China, where there was conference by Chinese President Xi. So I met him, but this time I hope to have an informal chat with him. I already met the prime minister of Russia in China on my first visit.