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Hurray! What a joy to see Dr. Robinson on WND [“Public schools: The most racist institution of all”]. I hope he is a regular addition from here on.

His article resonates so strongly with me because we know people personally who worked for and retired from the California school system in administration. Not only did they make healthy six-figure incomes during their careers, but their retirements also approach and meet six figures. Along with that, one of them is passing down a percentage of that retirement (inheritance) to relatives who are in their 30s, which will finally expire once they have passed. No wonder California is broke!

It’s always painful to realize that our public education used to be stellar as Dr. Robinson points out, referring to his early education and the teaching experience of his uncle. Reference to Booker T. Washington and the Tuskegee Institute is an excellent reminder of how a love and pursuit of education can overcome poverty and racial barriers. Dr. Ben Carson is another good example of this. I wish his talents were better utilized in the present administration as surgeon general or education secretary rather than as secretary of HUD.

Whether our education system can be revamped and restored to its former honor is debatable. My opinion back when making education decisions for our family was that my children were too precious to “waste” on the public school system. That was 30 years ago. I look at where the system is today and shake my head.

On a personal note, our family discovered the Robinson Curriculum in the late 1990s. We used it to educate our five children at home. It’s not just the curriculum that shines, but the whole philosophy of education Dr. Robinson lays out. We also utilized credit-by-examination courses, resulting in one son’s graduation with his Bachelor’s degree at age 19! He went on to get his PsyD in Psychology. The other children did well on their SATs and chose different paths ranging from managerial positions in various organizations to flight attendant!

We have also followed Dr. Robinson’s runs for U.S. representative in Oregon. We pray God uses him whenever and wherever possible!

Hope to see more of Dr. Robinson on WND. Thank you!

M.R. Abbott

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