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A recent NY Times headline read as follows: Indian Court Convicts 6 Hindus in Rape and Murder of Muslim Girl, 8

A terrible news story, no doubt. But when have you ever seen the New York Times headline a terrorist or rapist by his or her religion? Two days ago, a Muslim of Bangladeshi origin was arrested in a terrorist plot to bomb Times Square, NYC and slaughter police.. Did the New York Times report specifically identify his religion (never mind disclosing it in the heading)? And Islam was his motive. He did it because he was a devout Muslim. But that is scrubbed and censored by the sharia-compliant NY Times.


Have you ever seen the New York Times use Muslim in the headline of any Islamic terror news story?

Muslim rape of Hindu girls in India is epidemic. There is not a day that goes by that some horrific jihad rape of a Hindu girl or girls comes across the transom. The NY Times doesn’t see, hear or speak of it. But a Hindu rapes Muslim news story? Well that’s like a man bites dog story. And the NY Times is going to pump it up because they know. They are not clueless, they are complicit.

Hindus are America’s most peaceful and educated residents. Practically all of them are legal and none of the them are ever associated with terrorism.

The New York Times is an enemy of truth.