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When we look at the estimated one million migrants expected to crash the US border this year and with Democrats refusing to enact the will of their constituents, it’s clear that they are acting on behalf of someone else. Who might that be?

Mexico is often described as a “narco state” under the control of criminal cartels and there is some truth to this, especially outside the capital but Mexico is actually a fairly wealthy nation in spite of its endemic corruption. According to the UN, it has the 15th largest economy in the world out of a total 192 countries. Consequently, Mexico’s establishment Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) has a lot of dough in their bribery budget. (Mexico’s current President Obrador is from the opposition party).

Jeffrey Peterson joins 412Anon on the Patriot Power Hour podcast to inform us that the enormous influence of the PRI on the Democrat Party is one of the most overlooked of all news stories. Peterson is an Internet pioneer from Arizona who founded the leading bilingual English/Spanish social media site, QuePasa. He’s spent a lot of time in Mexico City on business, where he learned its ways and became friendly with leaders, like President Vicente Fox.

Peterson says, “I’m not sure in American history, if there’s ever been a moment where an American political party has been puppeted by a foreign government, particularly Mexico…What I have a problem with is the violation of sovereignty. There is such a thing as basic respect between countries. They have no business puppeting our political interests.”

Peterson advises researchers to look into his former colleague, Marco A López, Jr., former Chief of Staff at US Customs and Border Protection (CBP), currently the senior adviser to Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim and potentially the future Governor of the State of Arizona. Peterson says if elected, López would be the first Governor to be wholly owned by the PRI.

“Marco is serving as the connector from the Mexican PRI into the United States Democratic Party at the highest level; Tom Perez and others…connecting the interests of the Mexican PRI from its chairperson, which is [from] the Salinas family…

“You start to understand that connection that comes down through Arizona and through Janet Napolitano’s group of supporters, called the ‘Arizona Mafia’, you have the Mexican PRI puppeting the United States Democratic Party, Nancy Pelosi and everybody else. It starts to makes sense why, with their many, many millions of dollars and unlimited budget, the Democrats are opposing the border wall. They’re opposing everything that Mexico wants to oppose, because they’re being funded by Mexican interests – THAT is where you’re going to find a lot of the answers and where nobody else is looking…

“There’s a lot of pressure to steer that story away from the Mainstream Media. As patriots, we should see our focus on that particular phenomenon. Forget about the fact that we don’t agree with Democrat principles…take it a step further. What about the Democrats being controlled by a foreign political party, alright? That’s where we need to be looking…

“They’re flooded with this Mexican money and it’s more than you think. We need to stop making the mistake of assuming that Mexico is a poor country, it’s not. These guys send bank transfers of tens of millions of dollars offshore and work them back into the United States all the time – they’re using law firms in New York City, they’re using political consultants in DC, They are very, very well-funded. Mexico’s building an airport right now that’s got a $20 billion budget…that’s a lot of money that the Democrat Party is tapping into, one way or another…I don’t know why more people aren’t looking at it. They should be.”

There’s a reason why Nancy Pelosi is worth $126 million on a $187,000 per year salary. Peterson says, “If more people start looking at the Mexican PRI-Democrat Party connection, through Marco López, through Janet Napolitano’s people, who by the way are very close to Pelosi, all the answers that you need are going to start falling into place, all this strange stuff that’s been happening, including…a lot of the conspiracy theories out there are going to start making sense. When you view them from the perspective of the Mexican PRI, which is a more viable political force than you think it is.”

Where Peterson’s story gets even more interesting is how many of his business contacts and friends, including his former BFF Marco López shunned him after he casually rebuffed efforts in 2014 by Emiliano Salinas, his friend and the son of a Mexican President to enroll him in the NXIVM cult. All of his “friends” pulled away from him and began to attack him. As the only breakaway member of the “Arizona Mafia”, he began to connect the dots: These PRI-corrupted politicos were ALSO involved with the NXIVM cult – and their that their fundamental sympathies had shifted.

He says, he doesn’t care if people are Democrat or Republican but “When you’re an American and you start working for a foreign government, that’s where I draw the line. I love my country too much. It’s just totally wrong in my mind, to be an American-born citizen, someone that has built your whole career representing the American people – then all of a sudden start representing the Mexican government under the table. Ethicaly, I couldn’t stomach that, so that’s why I started talking.”

His brush with NXIVM is the straw the broke the camel’s back, that caused him to walk away from the Democrats but it was only later, when details of the NXIVM case came out, Peterson realized that the cult was using Mexican drug cartel psychological operations tactics – being used in Upstate NY!

I set the inpoint here to their discussion of Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema, who Peterson describes as an “Ethical, good person” but, “the amount of pressure that’s on all of them [Arizona politicians] in terms of the money that’s coming at them from the Mexican apparatus, it is an enormous amount of pressure to toe the Mexican party line. It’s very difficult for them to go against that…the Democrat Party that I used to be a part of is a broken party. Don’t let anyone tell you that they’re not broken – they’re broken and fractured. Their donor base is messed-up, their politics is messed-up, their leadership is messed-up…the biggest source of influence they have right now is the Mexican PRI through those Arizona people. I call them the ‘Arizona Mafia’.”

Alexandra Bruce

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