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Last week a video made the rounds of Speaker Pelosi slurring her words during a presser.

The video was widely shared on social media as you would expect.

Lou Dobbs later ran his own clip from Pelosi’s press conference where they pieced together the stuttering and brain freezes on trouble counting.

President Trump later retweeted the Lou Dobbs video.

Over the weekend Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi demanded that Facebook remove the doctored video of Pelosi slurring her words.  So far the video remains just like the dozens of doctored anti-Trump videos that regularly make the rounds.

Then this happened…

A fascist Daily Beast ‘reporter’ doxxed a black conservative male for the ‘crime’ of posting the Nancy Pelosi meme video.

That’s right. An anonymous, private citizen has been outed by the Daily Beast for the crime of having the wrong politics.

The Daily Beast Fascist, Kevin Poulsen said he went looking for the “Russian troll behind the ‘Drunk Pelosi’ viral video.”

Because when you are a brain dead leftist, anyone who supports President Trump and criticizes Democrats, is a “Russian troll.”

“Turns out he’s an itinerant forklift operator from the Bronx who’s been secretly running hard-right “news” outlets across social media for years. Also, not Russian,” Kevin Poulsen tweeted.

How brave.

The victim of the Fascist doxxing, “Shawn,” is an African-America day laborer who is now being targeted for ruin because he dared mock House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

The private citizen who being targeted for ruin did not break any laws, yet the hate mob and enemy of the people (the media) wants to destroy his life.

Even worse, the man who is being targeted said he didn’t even make the video of Pelosi sounding drunk, he merely posted it to Facebook like hundreds of other people did.

The Daily Beast fabricated part of their article too and the victim punched back.

“I never said I made 1000 dollars. That’s a lie. This guy just made up a bunch of shit and added my past history (which isn’t all true) and have convinced you all that everything he wrote was true. Bottom line is I never made the video. I shared it just like thousands of other ppl,” Shawn tweeted.

It also appears Facebook assisted The Daily Beast and gave them the private citizens’s personal information.

CNN later spread the news.  They know about doxxing conservatives.


According to a report out by Big League Politics, the Daily Beast writer who doxxed the black conservative, is a convicted felon who was previously banned from the Internet for committing espionage against the United States.

Photo of Daily Beast writer Kevin Poulsen via Big League Politics

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