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(HERALD NET) – It’s taken two long years for me to admit it, but I give up: Donald Trump is president. I am horrified at the racism he has unleashed in this country, and right here in Everett, but I’m standing down from the fight for now to consider the reflection I have seen of myself as an activist in the resistance.

It is the image of an educated white liberal who is clueless to her own part in white supremacy.

I first glimpsed this reflection last June at an activists conference in Portland, Oregon, organized by Indivisible, a national resistance group that I joined shortly after President Trump’s inauguration. With almost no people of color in attendance, I found myself in a roomful of other middle-aged white women talking over each other in entitled tones that politely screamed, “You don’t know what you’re talking about!”

I suddenly saw what my own sense of entitlement looks like in action. It wasn’t pretty. Nor was the sentiment that one woman shared at the end of a session devoted to racial justice. In the same entitled tone, this woman told the session’s black presenter that, growing up, she had been taught to treat all people the same, regardless of color. That is, she adorned the speaker with her enlightened agreement.

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