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This was a major security lapse. Twice! A crazed looking bearded man jumped on stage and took a microphone out of the hands of Democrat presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) at the MoveOn “Big Ideas” candidate forum in San Francisco Saturday afternoon. Harris was not harmed and left the stage. However it took security several long seconds to hustle the man off as he remained on stage speaking into the mic–and then the security agents took him right to where Harris was hiding off stage!

Harris was seated on stage holding a microphone next to two other women who were asking her questions when the man jumped on stage and walked straight to Harris and reached for the mic. A startled Harris gave him the mic as one the two female moderators leapt from her seat and belatedly got between Harris and the man. After a couple seconds Harris stood up and walked away as female staffers surrounded the man and finally men showed up to take control and hustle the man off stage.

Harris returned on stage right after the man was secured off stage.

Video was posted to Twitter by Face The Nation:

Alternate view from online video feed:

Audience video picks up after the man has taken the mic from Harris:

This video starts with Harris walking off stage tp stage right. In a bad security lapse in top of allowing the man to get right up to Harris on stage, security takes him stage right to where Harris had escaped. Fortunately Harris is seen returning on stage doing a little dance as the crowd chants, “Kamala!, Kamala!”.


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