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Money handed over by Obama. Can you imagine the outcry had we bankrolled the Imperial Japanese Navy before Pearl Harbor?

REVEALED: Iran’s underground MISSILE bunker packed with bombs that could SAVAGE the west

IRAN has revealed it has an underground missile bunker stacked with bombs according to footage broadcast on the nation’s television network.
By Millie Bull,The Express, June 1, 2019

Iran has revealed an underground missile bunker on national television (Image:YOUTUBE/Iran Military Tube)

The clips showed a long tunnel deep under the earth full of weapons and trucks which belong to the Qiam-1 ballistic missile system, the MailOnline reports. The entrance to the bunker has posters of Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and President Hassan Rouhani hanging next to the door. Sliding doors pull away and a ramp drops down allowing access to the underground tunnel.

The footage then shows soldiers removing the casing of a missile before moving it with a motorised crane mechanism and attaching it to the other half of the explosive device.

The bomb is then put on a trolley and manoeuvred towards another part of the tunnel.

The missile is then directed upwards towards an opening in the ceiling before being fired, leaving the tunnel engulfed in flames and smoke.

An exterior view of the bunker shows the missile leaving the underground tunnel through a spherical hole in the ground before disappearing from the location in the desert.