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Google has blacklisted my links, disappeared my site, suspended me from Google AdSense and imposed similar totalitarian measures on my colleagues while working to snuff out its competition. Their search results are defamatory – elevating the most vicious libelous voices on the left. When I started this work back in 2004, there were a number of competing search engines.

Justice Department Is Preparing Antitrust Investigation of Google

Probe would closely examine Google’s practices related to search, other businesses

By John D. McKinnon, Wall Street Journal, May 31, 2019:

WASHINGTON—The Justice Department is gearing up for an antitrust investigation of Alphabet Inc.’s Google, a move that could present a major new layer of regulatory scrutiny for the search giant, according to people familiar with the matter.

The department’s antitrust division in recent weeks has been laying the groundwork for the probe, the people said. The Federal Trade Commission, which shares antitrust authority with the department, previously conducted a broad antitrust investigation of Google but closed it in 2013 without taking action, though Google made some voluntary changes to certain business practices.

The FTC and the department have been in talks recently on who would oversee any new antitrust investigation of a leading U.S. tech giant, and the commission agreed to give the Justice Department jurisdiction over Google, the people said.

With turf now settled, the department is preparing to closely examine Google’s business practices related to its search and other businesses, the people said.

It couldn’t immediately be learned whether Google has been contacted by the department. Third-party critics of the search giant, however, already have been in talks with Justice Department officials, some of the people familiar with the matter said.

Officials with the Justice Department and Google didn’t immediately respond to requests for comment. An FTC spokeswoman declined to comment.