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Psychopathy is almost always clustered with Narcissistic Personality Disorder and both are on rampant display in Hillary Clinton’s commencement address last week for 2019’s graduating class of Hunter College, held at Madison Square Garden.

While the villainess belches her tedious Marxist tropes at the graduating class, graphics are overlaid, enumerating the behaviors used by psychopaths to dominate their victims:

1. False Praise

2. Inflict Trauma

3. Compulsive Lying

4. Projection

For all of her fatuous praise of the students, her speech is certainly not about them. It’s all about Hillary and her dystopic vision of America, where people are “wearing Nazi symbols once again, marching in American cities carrying torches and chanting hate.” All because of Orange Man Bad.

What’s priceless and what gives me hope are the annoyed expressions of the young graduates seated behind her.

One wonders why Hunter College or anybody would have this demoness in their midst, let alone subject their young to her poison. One wonders how much longer she will be allowed to carry on like this, unpunished.

Alexandra Bruce

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