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Sea turtles, and their eggs and hatchlings, are protected in Florida by some very strict laws and regulations. They are also protected under the 1973 federal Endangered Species Act.

Every two to four years, sea turtles make the long journey to Florida beaches to lay their eggs in the warm sand, where they are sheltered by these various laws and regulatory edicts. Simply put, one cannot possess, disturb, mutilate, destroy, sell, transfer, molest, or harass marine turtles, nests or eggs. Protection is also afforded to marine turtle habitat.

In other words, there are absolutely no exceptions to taking the life of an unborn sea turtle.

Rush Limbaugh, whose humble abode is set on a South Florida beach, has spoken, or rather lamented, about these many restrictions, including a moratorium on outdoor lighting during the egg-laying season.

Every care and precaution is taken to protect the unborn turtles so they may survive. And all these laws and regulations were devised by leftist do-gooders. Fines and jail time may await you, should you engage in any of the aforementioned misdeeds. As much as a $10,000 fine and five years in the clink.

It’s a common misconception that we on the right don’t care about protecting wildlife – that this is strictly the purview of leftists, that they are the only ones who wish to save the planet and wildlife.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. We would just prefer a little consistency.

It seems that only where wildlife is concerned, the sanctity of life is sacred to the left.

Somehow the left can’t seem to muster that same concern when it comes to an unborn human. Instead they claim that it’s a woman’s right to choose – and it’s her reproductive right to abort the baby.

Has anyone asked the turtle? Maybe she’s tired of making the long, exhausting journey – as many as 1,400 miles, probably all the while complaining about her no-good husband. Maybe she would rather abort her eggs.

Unwanted pets are routinely “put to sleep” – killed – in shelters. This, many say, is a travesty. To help prevent the killing of these innocent animals, fundraisers are developed to assist in their adoption and relocation. I’m not saying this is a bad thing. Quite the opposite. Heck, I volunteer at a local animal shelter. No one wants to see this happen.

But again – how about a little consistency?

Regardless of the humane nature of putting an animal to sleep, we still agonize over it, particularly with our pets. And this, despite an animal’s inability to ever sense or understand its own existence.

Yet those on left, who fight so hard to save the lives of animals, revel in the “right” to kill an innocent human. These are the same types of people who will come to blows over turtle eggs, or shackle themselves to a tree to save it.

A tree doesn’t know it’s a tree. From before birth to death, a dog doesn’t know it’s a dog.

Virtually 100 percent of human children born, even with deficiencies, are sentient. Unlike animals, they understand that they are humans and have a consciousness and self-awareness.

So for those who, out of one side of your mouth shout that we must save the unborn sea turtle, and out of the other that aborting a human is perfectly fine and should even be celebrated – how about a little consistency?

How about treating the life of an unborn human with the same dignity and reverence that must be, by law, afforded the unborn sea turtle?

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