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But Angela Merkel insists that the usually pro-Jewish conservative populists are responsible for making Europe dangerous for Jews, and not the European Unions immoral and radical immigration policies from the anti-Semitic Middle East.

The Jeremy Corbyn backed pro-Palestinian group used a “campaign of intimidation” to force the closure of Jewish businesses. The same tactics that were used in Nazi-Germany, are now being used by the pro-Palestinian Left against Europe’s pro-Israel Jews.

Jews must flee Europe.

British Jews in fear after pro-Palestine group forces Jewish shops to close

By Daily Mail, Jake Wallis, May 31, 2019:

British Jews have spoken of their fear after a pro-Palestine group supported by Jeremy Corbyn forced Jewish-owned shops to close by staging aggressive rallies outside them.

The Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC), of which Mr Corbyn is patron, targeted shops selling Israeli products in Brighton, London and Manchester, forcing two businesses to fold.

Earlier this month, it organised a rally in London which saw ‘open anti-Semitism from attendees’, according to the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism. A statement from the Labour leader was read out to the crowd.

A group of PSC activists with banners and flags demonstrate outside a Jewish-owned shop

WATCH how the pro-jihad Left intimidate pro-Israel British Jews: