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A transgender powerlifter who won multiple record-breaking world championships in the women's division while transitioning from male to female has been stripped of her titles after sports authorities ruled she was biologically male while competing. The RAW Powerlifting Federation announced on May 3 that it had revoked the titles won by Mary Gregory in the women's squat, bench press and deadlift categories, as well as the "Masters total world record" she had earned for her overall weightlifting scores at the 100% Raw Competition on April 27, according to the Daily Mail. Gregory's landslide victories - which included multiple world records she'd set for her age (she was 43 at the time) and weight categories - prompted automatic drug testing, per Raw Powerlifing Federation's post-competition protocol, said a statement released by the organization. It was then that authorities within the federation learned for the first time that Gregory was transitioning, they claim.