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Police in Port St. Lucie, Florida, are wondering who it was who left a unique donation in a Goodwill donation bin, among the used clothing.

After all, they seldom see a “pineapple,” a military grenade, there.

It ended up being one of the inert units, but no one knew that until after there developed quite the incident.

The Military Times reports police and the local bomb squad were called to a report of a “military hand grenade” at the donation bin.

“Police learned a Goodwill employee discovered the hand grenade inside of the bin that had been donated to the store. The employee notified her manager and the manager called 911. Police arrived on scene and evacuated everyone inside of the store. Police also evacuated the parking lot surrounding the Goodwill Store for safety reasons for about 90 minutes,” the Times reported.

There ended up being no injuries and no other threats.

The evacuation order was lifted after a bomb squad technician determined the device would not explode.

“The grenade appeared to be a Mk.II fragmentation hand grenade, often referred to as a ‘pineapple’ because of the segmented protrusions from the explosive device’s core, designed to send fragments of metal screaming at those unfortunate enough to be on the receiving end,” the Times reported.

The donor was not identified.

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