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(LifeNews) For the media, particularly its rabid feminist cohort, Alabama’s near-total abortion ban on May 15 is a major step towards the death of democracy. In the eyes of rabid New York Times Feminist columnists like Jill Filipovic, forcing a woman to complete their pregnancy is an painful imposition, one that should require equal payment on the part of men: that is, having “a half inch cut off from your penis with every [pregnancy.]”

Got that? The awesome power and gift to bring a new life into the world is really just the equivalent of castration, and men should pay this barbaric pregnancy tax of sorts.

Filipovic is prone to hysteria. New York Times columnist and author the The H Spot: The Feminist Pursuit of Happiness, once asked American women to “divorce [their] Republican husbands” during the Kavanaugh debacle.

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