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By Chriss Street | 15 May 2019

AMERICAN THINKER — California is being targeted by a monster El Niño storm that will bring seven days of torrential rain and up to three feet of mountain snow and may cause an Oroville Dam overflow.

A period of strengthening trade winds that seemed set to end this year’s El Niño that brought a record 188 percent of average snowpack to California’s Sierra Mountains reversed in mid-April to surge a bloom of heated water along the Equatorial Pacific and reawaken a late-season El Niño that has a 70% probability of lasting through the summer.

The upper atmosphere jet stream normally blows east to west at about 100 miles per hour across the Pacific Equator bringing rential rains to Polynesia before curving up Asia, curving past Japan to Alaska, and dropping down along the West Coast.  But the jet stream has radically bent down and accelerated to 200 miles an hour to directly target California with the full load of Polynesia’s monsoon rains beginning on Wednesday. […]