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You know me as the founder of both Judicial Watch and Freedom Watch, both conservative public-interest watchdogs. While Freedom Watch does today what Judicial Watch did when I ran it for 10 years – that is not just uncover documents of government and other corruption but also prosecute this corruption – no one will ever question that I have pursued this mission in a nonpartisan fashion.

As I chronicled in my autobiography, “Whores: Why and How I Came to Fight the Establishment!,” which I penned after my Florida Senate campaign in 2003-2004, “whores” exist on all sides of the ideological spectrum. During the Clinton years, I brought over 80 cases against the corrupt administration of the Bonnie and Clyde of American politics and later, during the regime of President George W. Bush, held him and Vice President Dick Cheney accountable for unconstitutional mass surveillance of the American citizenry – as I later successfully did with the Obama administration.

Without “beating my chest” to the extreme, there is no other lawyer in the nation who will gore the ox of any and all parties who violate the law. I have always called it as I see it, and in fact within my own conservative movement I find many who are not just hypocrites, but who actually are undermining the rule of law and the ethics and morality our great Founding Fathers John Adams, Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin emphasized would need to be preserved to sustain our liberties and freedoms under the new republic.

So it is that the left, which uniformly only promotes its own agendas, is not willing to give me credit for taking up the worthy cause of a woman, Laura Luhn, who tells of being sexually abused and terrorized by the former CEO of Fox News, one Roger Ailes. Nor can many “Kool-Aid drinkers” on the right fully comprehend why I have felt duty-bound to sue the current CEO of Fox News and Fox News itself. But again, I must do what I have to do without regard to appearances. I believe that the Father and his Son have given me this calling.

Laura Luhn, who likes to be referred to as Laurie, truthfully alleges, under oath, in her complaint, that she has been severely damaged not just by Ailes but also by Fox News’ current female CEO, Suzanne Scott, who was named the head of the network after Ailes was forced to resign over his multiple sex scandals. The owners of Fox News, Rupert Murdoch and his sons, obviously inserted a woman as CEO not only to provide cover for the networks sordid anti-female past, which continues to this day, but to keep the network’s “female bodies buried.” In fact, Fox News personalities, all well-paid for their services, have praised the predator Ailes on the air.

But what added insult to Laurie’s injury – she was so damaged by Ailes that she has even attempted suicide on two occasions – was a recent interview the “cover-up artist” Suzanne Scott gave to the Los Angeles Times, which held my client in a false light and thus defamed her. Scott, Ailes’ right-hand woman and enabler during Laurie’s time at Fox News, claimed that she knew nothing of the sexual and psychological abuse. This denial is akin to Munich residents during World War II claiming they did not know that Jews, gypsies and mentally infirm persons were being sent to German ovens at Dachau, which was located right in the center of town.

As I result, I felt duty-bound to sue both Scott and Fox News over their deceit, callousness and defamation against a woman who does not, after all she has had to endure, deserve to be called a liar and thus again dragged through the mud.

In this vein, on behalf of Laurie, I have also felt duty-bound to sue the hypocritical and greedy Hollywood left, who with a Showtime and Blumhouse Television eight-part miniseries set to air on June 30, 2019, titled “Loudest Voice in the Room,” are seeking to monetize the tragedy that befell my client and the other women victims at Fox News. Without even using Laurie as a consultant to make sure the story is accurate, the A-list actress who plays her in the miniseries, Annabelle Wallis, does not have a clue about what really occurred at the network. Other actors, including Russell Crowe, who plays Ailes, are also at the mercy of the writer of the miniseries, Gabriel Sherman, who previously wrote an article that misrepresents the facts about Laurie’s victimization by Ailes.

In Sherman’s case, he had previously defamed Ms. Luhn in an article he wrote for New York Magazine (“Former Fox News Booker Says She was Sexually Harassed and ‘Psychologically Tortured ‘ by Roger Ailes for More Than 20 Years,” July 29, 2016). To obtain the interview with my client, he falsely claimed that she would be in danger if she did not disclose publicly the sordid details of her harassment by Ailes, thereby inducing a broken woman to be subject to even more humiliation and mental torture.

Last Thursday, Laurie thus felt compelled to accept an invitation by the leftist YouTube network, The Young Turks (TYT), to explain why she had commissioned me to sue Showtime, Blumhouse, Sherman, as well as Fox News. During the show, which will be up on the TYT YouTube channel this weekend, she called for a boycott of the miniseries – calling Sherman’s writings fictional “garbage.” She also explained the comparative treachery of Fox News’ CEO.

I urge all of you to watch this TYT interview, as it demonstrates that unlawful and unethical behavior knows no political or ideological bounds. It occurs on both the left and the right, and when it harms an innocent woman like Laurie, it must be dealt with forcefully.

Showtime, Blumhouse, Sherman and the current head of Fox News, Suzanne Scott, are indeed birds of a feather, and if my client and I get our way in court, these defendants will all pay dearly before a jury of their peers. To view Laurie’s legal complaints, go to

Put simply, its called “equal justice under the law, stupid,” a concept that regrettably is no longer in vogue but which Laurie and I seek to reaffirm!

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