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At least 10 civilians were killed and 30 wounded in Syria by a rocket strike on the Neirab camp for Palestinian refugees close to the city of Aleppo on Tuesday night, the United Nations said in a statement on Thursday.

“As families gathered to break their fasts for the Ramadan Iftar meal, several rockets hit the densely populated Neirab camp for Palestine refugees in Aleppo,” the statement from the U.N. humanitarian aid agency UNRWA said.

“Among those killed were four children, the youngest just six years old. A number of the injured remain in critical condition.”

You may have noticed the total silence in the media.

In fact, I am almost convinced that apart from the Geller Report, no media has mentioned it. And you certainly wonder why. I do. And it seems to me that the question, which is never publicly raised, is worth asking.

Associations that support Palestinians have not even published a line to condemn it, let alone expressed their rage in the streets.

Nor can I explain the indifference of humanitarian organizations, or the silence of politicians who, as soon as a Palestinian is killed by Israel, demand without even waiting for an investigation, an international condemnation.

I think that anti-Semitism is too simplistic an explanation – even if I do not exclude it – to understand the unanimous condemnations when Israel is involved, and the total indifference when it is not.