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My dictionary defines dead end as:

  • An end of a road or passage from which no exit is possible;
  • A situation offering no prospects of progress or development.

As kids often ask while you’re driving, “Are we there yet?”

Maybe we are. The same dictionary defines the truth as: “That which is true or in accordance with fact or reality.”

I honestly thought the Democrats might shut up after the Mueller report came out. Mueller was, after all, approved by a huge majority in Congress when he was appointed special counsel. His team were nearly all card-carrying, dues-paying Democrats who donated to Hillary.

From the Democratic perspective, the Mueller investigation had to be the “fairest” investigation in history! Big media blathered on for two years about how bad it was going to be for President Trump when the report finally came out. The new Democratic House salivated at the impending release of the Mueller report, which would leave it no choice but to impeach the president.

But a funny thing happened on the way to impeachment. A hand-picked team of Democrat investigators could find no Russian collusion and no obstruction of justice by the president.

In a world that still recognized the truth, this outcome would have resulted in a “reset” in thinking among Democrats. Speaker Pelosi might even have apologized to the president for the conduct of the Democrats. There might have been Democratic conversations like this:

  • Gosh, maybe Hillary wasn’t the greatest candidate.
  • Maybe her decision to use a private email server for State Department business was a poor choice.
  • Maybe the president’s agenda is actually working for America. How does that change things for us?

In the current world of “your truth” and “my truth,” however, those questions make no sense. It’s Republican truth that the president is not guilty and won’t be charged. Truth for the Democrats never moved one iota with the release of the Mueller report. “Democrat truth” is that Trump is guilty of something, he couldn’t have won the election by himself, and we’re going to continue on until we move reality over into the same column with “our truth.”

“Are we there yet?” Yeah, I think we are.

“Your truth” and “my truth” are one thing in arguments between individuals, although I think the phrase, “we’ll just have to agree to disagree” is better. In other words, we both have our own opinion; it may or may not be based upon the relevant facts, but by golly, it’s our opinion, and we will defend it to the death.

It’s embarrassing to see grown men and women in the Congress behaving like uneducated school children. It’s astonishing to see big-name media personalities humoring such an infantile view of the world. One expects that of Hollywood celebrities, whose “personas” are created by public relations agencies. One doesn’t expect it of men and women who have been exposed to the world for a goodly amount of time, and now come before us – the viewers – to tell us, “and that’s the way it is,” Walter Cronkite’s sign off. I guess today the sign off would be, “and that’s the way we wish it were.”

There is another explanation, of course, for the Democrats’ (and some Republicans’) inability to come to terms with a Trump presidency, which is actually doing good things for America in the world. It’s less pleasant to think about, but it must be considered.

“Your truth” and “my truth” has throughout history been shaped by your money becoming my money. That is to say payoffs have been going on for a very long time. The people inclined to accept them either have no views of their own that are important to them, or they may be placed in a situation where anything but cooperation may result in death or injury to them or their families.

It is frightening to think that we may have reached that point in this country. The open-borders chorus in Congress is being sung primarily by Democrats. They seem far more interested in protecting illegal immigrants than citizens born or naturalized here. Are there things coming across the border they will be rewarded for continuing, or punished for stopping?

Your truth, my truth, or the truth? Once upon a time, we had institutions of higher learning to help student to sort that out. Perhaps somewhere along the line it became more profitable just to adopt someone else’s truth and to admit whomever.

Maybe the truth is a Person? Reconnaissance.

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