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This used to be a science blog and I used to be a Democrat. We’re living in extraordinary times and if it seems that I can’t stop covering the coup, it’s because the tides are finally turning and this whole thing is unprecedented in our lifetimes. It reminds me of 9/11 all over again, except that this time, the PSYOP has served to divide the population evenly against itself.

There are no words to describe how angry I am that most of my family and friends have been so thoroughly brainwashed by the Globalists and by their Democrat toadies and that this has put a wedge between us. As a lifelong Democrat myself, who was not a Trump fan prior to the 2016 election, the horrendous and obvious collusion of the Mainstream Media with the DNC and the Globalist agenda is so blatant and horrifying, that I can’t believe that they can’t see it!

I also can’t believe our luck now, that we actually have a president who is fighting against it and rolling it back. How can the Dems and my family members be sad that the Corporo-Fascist Trans-Pacific Partnership was averted in 2016?

I’m very grateful that things seems to be breaking the other way and I look forward to a future time, not long from now, when I’ll no longer feel the need to chronicle the grisly details of this outlandish chapter in our history, because we’ll have finally won against the Globalists.

Alexandra Bruce

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