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President Trump says he wants to ship illegal aliens to sanctuary cities because, after all, they “shield and protect and provide for and house” those fugitives from federal law.

On Monday, talk-radio host Rush Limbaugh praised it as a “brilliant” plan.

He said an acquaintance, Raymond Siller, who used to write for the “Tonight Show” when Johnny Carson hosted, contacted him with another great plan.

“Ray’s note to me says: ‘Hey, Rush, how about encouraging supporters of sanctuary cities the opportunity to sponsor with a donation his or her own personal … illegal immigrant’s transportation to a sanctuary city? Helping to defray the cost from either the federal government or from the designated sanctuary city,'” Limbaugh said.

“‘There would be levels of donor support. The Democrats are famous for doing things like this. You could sponsor standard transportation like sending ’em on a Greyhound bus. You could then have the silver donation level, which would be airfare with seating in the main cabin. You could have a gold donor level, which would be airfare, seating in the main cabin with extra leg room. You could have the platinum level where donors could donate first class airfare to the illegal immigrants, to the sanctuary city of choice,'” he said.

The donor and recipient would exchange photographs and addresses, too.

Limbaugh said Siller’s suggestions included allowing the illegal immigrant to go to his sponsor’s home if he was unhappy with his treatment.

“‘And in this way,” according to the plan, “the donors could be involved and show with their pocketbooks their commitment to the cause of illegal immigration and sanctuary cities.”

Limbaugh called the suggestion “brilliant.”

“This is an idea that ought to be pitched right now to Crazy Bernie, it ought to be pitched to Kamala Harris and maybe even Mayor Pete,” he said. “Get your favorite liberal spokesbabe, spokes dude, whatever, and have them do a commercial. ‘You, too, can save the life of an illegal immigrant who faces daily humiliation and threat of deportation by our evil president. For a small first class airfare ticket or coach fare, you can send an illegal immigrant of your choice to his choice of sanctuary city.'”

Limbaugh added: “I think it’s a great idea from Raymond Siller, have actual leftists become personally involved in this sanctuary city project by donating the transportation costs one by one, one at a time. Think of the bragging rights. Think how you could tell your other leftists how much you care, show them the autographed photo of the illegal immigrant you sent to Oakland.”

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