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The actions of the FBI, DOJ, DNC and the Mainstream Media have been seditious against the Government and the People of the US. They’ve behaved like enemy agents because this is essentially what they have become.

The Mueller Investigation of the Russian Collusion hoax has exposed the very real foreign bribery industry that the elite establishment created both in Washington and in the mainstream media to reap massive profits from selling out US interests to the highest bidders. The Clintons, with their apparent pay-for-play deals, are merely symptomatic of the entire DC lobbying-and-bribery culture.

Gina Shakespeare of the Epoch Times’ DECLASSIFIED channel reads the latest from journalist Brian Cates on this and how he suspects the Flynn Intel Group was created as part of a counterintelligence sting to identify and target people engaging in illegal lobbying to influence American foreign policy.

Cates says China, Iran, Russia, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and many other countries either have their governments or factions within their country paying a whole lot of money to our lawmakers and our mainstream media to “help” write US foreign and even domestic policy and that shutting this down will go a long way toward draining the swamp.

Alexandra Bruce

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