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Google is not just the most popular search engine on Earth, used by 70% of the world population, it is also the most-visited website on the planet and it has been for well over a decade. And for much of this decade, Google has been focusing on the development of voice computing, which entails giving less search results and ultimately providing just one answer to a given query, as championed by former CEO Eric Schmidt. The implications of “one answer”, of course is the herding of people away from any lines of inquiry deemed undesirable and penned within Google’s all-encompassing censorship infrastructure that some call the Goolag.

As we see here, in side-by-side search queries with Duck Duck Go, Yahoo and Bing, Google’s latest implementation of pro-active censorship is more like content curation, social engineering or straight-up propaganda. Google’s search results are very different from the others, which yield similar results to each other.

Google claims the very idea of search engine bias is a “conspiracy theory”, when it’s been amply demonstrated that Google could (and probably already has, whether wittingly or not) thrown major elections via the Search Engine Manipulation Effect (SEME).

TruthStream Media, once again is getting into the core of a vital issue in their latest piece.

Alexandra Bruce

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