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The left is heading into a toxic direction, according to Sara Carter who appeared on Fox News’ “The Next Revolution” with Steve Hilton on Sunday.

“It becomes a religious practice in a way.” said Sara Carter.

Carter is the daughter of a Cuban immigrant mother who came to the U.S. on the Johnson Freedom Flights in the late 1960s. Cuba was so divided under Fidel Castro and she described a climate where “neighbors would turn neighbors in,” said Carter.

“This is a system that does not comport whatsoever with U.S. ideals…” said Carter.

Under socialism, individual liberties become obsolete. Carter explained decisions are made by the government on behalf of the individual.

Largely, The 2020 Democrats are embracing socialism. In an unearthed 1985 video, Bernie Sanders praised breadlines.

“As a socialist, the word socialism does not frighten me and I think it’s probably fair to see the government of Nicaragua is primarily a socialist government,” he said.

This praise is toxic to the foundational principles of our country, according to Carter.

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