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John Brennan was head of the CIA for Barack Obama. Monday, in a TV interview, Brennan was asked why for the last two-plus years he called Trump a traitor who should be removed from office. Why did he make false statements to Congress about Trump’s relationship with Russia, or make unsubstantiated statements? Brennan’s response was: “I suspected that there was more,” and “I got bad information.”

Wow. Because of Brennan’s unsubstantiated suspicions, Trump was disparaged and treated as a criminal. And the people who voted for Trump were treated as un-American, disparaged, insulted and called racists and stupid.

Who were the stupid ones? Those people who believed all those false accusations against Trump.

Brennan admits to receiving “bad information,” fake news – fake news he helped create, fake news his own people and the FBI circulated and the liberal media cartel then repeated over and over again and again, fake news that was used for a FISA warrant, fake news used in a public-relations campaign to justify a coup against a duly elected president, fake news President Trump refers to as the “enemy of the people” – and he’s right.

Fake news includes lies, spin and the intentional omission of information.

Mr. Brennan, why did you omit the fact that your suspicions were not supported by any facts or evidence?

They all need to be held accountable: Brennan, Clapper, Lynch, Clinton, Comey, Ohr, McCabe, Page, Strzok, Blitzer, Tapper, Lemon, Todd, Matthews, Maddow, et al. They are the colluders, the conspirators. They tried to skew American sentiment for Clinton and against Trump. They abused their positions of trust.

Why was over 90 percent of the news pertaining to Trump negative since he announced his candidacy for president? Russians, Stormy Daniels, tariffs, travel ban, wall, taxes, economy, emoluments, NATO, foreign relations. Why is the liberal media cartel so eager to accept any bad information about Trump or other conservatives, like Justice Kavanaugh, and ignore any good information? To propose negative theories and no positive ones? Because the liberal media cartel is collectively anti-conservative, anti-Trump, biased, hateful and propagators or groupthink.

CNN, MSNBC, NBC, the Washington Post, New York Times – all should all be ashamed to call themselves objective news agencies.

One last question, Mr. Brennan: Since you worked for President Obama, how much of this did you share with Obama? Brennan refuses to answer that question. Does Congress need to put him under oath? How was Obama involved with any of this? How about Hillary Clinton?

Some will say to leave Clinton and Obama alone, because they are not in office. How about those six Americans who were indicted/convicted for crimes that had nothing to do with collusion, conspiracy or obstruction? Clinton and Obama damaged the trust Americans have in the institutions that are meant to protect us. Clinton, Obama, Schiff, Waters, Brennan, Clapper, Lynch and all who participated in this attempted coup need to be held accountable – and that includes the media.

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