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Of course she does. Why would any Democrat want votes outside of New York or California to matter? The Democrats want to fundamentally change the United States so that they can obtain permanent political power in future elections. They want every state to resemble California, which currently has a one-party political system that has made California far less prosperous and safe than it once was.

The Democrat Party’s presidential primary debates are not too far away. In these debates, the American people are going to witness unbelievable radicalism from the various Democrat presidential candidates. It’s Trump or socialism in 2020.

“Five takeaways from Elizabeth Warren’s CNN town hall,” by Gregory Krieg, CNN, March 19, 2019:

The policy-fluent Massachusetts Democrat zipped through her thick suite of legislative and regulatory proposals for a CNN town hall audience in Jackson, Mississippi, on Monday, taking questions from voters and, in a declaration that won her a prolonged ovation, saying for the first time that she would support replacing the Electoral College with a national popular vote.

Warren launched her presidential campaign early but has struggled to break through in the initial round of primary polling. She used the national stage to show off the energetic stage presence and affecting personal story that have become a hallmark of her presence on the stump.

For more than an hour, Warren hit on issues ranging from the future of health care in America to her plan to break up tech giants like Amazon and Facebook. She also faced a question about her claims to Native heritage and backlash that followed.

Dropping out of the electoral college

Warren has been critical of the Electoral College in the past. On Monday, she took it a step further, calling for its elimination.

Asked about how she would expand voting rights, Warren described the process for electing presidents — that race to 270 electoral votes — as a de facto form of disenfranchising voters in states dominated by a single political party.