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(NZ has gone full police state, threatening 10 years in prison 
for having this video saved on your computer.) 

This detailed description of the mosque massacre 
by JT, the president of Virginia Citizens Defence League
confirms the massacre was not faked. 
He writes: "In all the BS we face daily from the MSN, we should question 
why they would take down this video. Might it be that to see this reality would be to awaken us to the coming horrors, they have planned for us?

Still do not own a gun because you think someone else will protect you? Then send her to the knock on the door or broken glass at 3 AM..."

(Disclaimer -  The Illuminati controlled media is blaming this heinous massacre on people who wish to maintain their European cultural, racial and religious heritage. This article reflects the threat these people are now feeling. They are like Jews in Nazi Germany in 1932.
This website supports non-violent resistance and armed self-defence.) 

by JT

The mass murderer in New Zealand live-streamed one of two mosque shootings.  The number of dead is hovering around 50 and the video backs that up.  The video was taken down in short order, but I happened to catch it when it was first posted online and I watched it in its entirety.  No editing, just the raw video from the killer's point of view.  I saw it one time, so the information below is from what I can remember from that single viewing.

The video was not for the faint-hearted, as you can well imagine.

Briefly, here is what was shown in the footage.  If you don't want to know any of these details, skip down to "TAKEAWAYS":

1. The killer parked in an alley and retrieved one rifle from several in his car's trunk.  He also retrieved a shotgun, which he appeared to have slung around his shoulder and did not use in the mosque.  He then walked calmly for a short distance down a public sidewalk making no attempt to conceal the rifle (looked to be an AR-15 with large printing on it using a white marker) or the shotgun and turned onto the walkway leading to the mosque's main entrance.  A couple of people standing where the sidewalk met the walkway saw the killer, but did and said nothing.  As the killer got closer to the building, he shot two or three people standing at the entrance from about 50 feet away.

2. He strolled past the bodies and shot a few more people in the hallway leading to the main worship area.  He also shot a few people in the main worship area who were visible at the end of the hall.

3. He entered the main worship area, but stayed right at the hallway entrance to the room, and shot people grouped in the left corner and then turned his attention and did the same thing to the people grouped in the right corner.  He also shot the few people that were not in either group.  (So odd to see everyone clustered together that way.)

4. He kept shooting over and over into each group in an alternating fashion.  He probably reloaded at least 4 or 5 times.

5.  At one point a man, who came out of nowhere on the left side of the room, dashed towards the killer while the killer was focused on the right side of the room.  I thought perhaps the man was going to rush the killer to disarm or distract him.  It wasn't clear from the video if he was trying to disarm the killer or just trying to squeeze past the killer to run down the hall and out the front of the building.  Either way, he was killed immediately.  If two or more people had rushed at the same time, I think they might have succeeded in disarming him.  Indeed there is a news story that at a second mosque attack (not shown in the video), someone did manage to grab his rifle away, but the killer was still able to flee in a car, as the person who grabbed the gun didn't know how to use it.  He finally got two shots off at the vehicle as it was driving away.  No doubt a lot of lives were saved by that brave individual.

6.  After what seemed like forever, the killer causally walked out of the front of the mosque, down the public sidewalk and back to his car in the alley.  He dropped the rifle he had been using on the ground (again, it was marked, having words in large, white letters, saying something like "This happened because."  I could make out the rest).  He clearly left the rifle there intentionally so it would be found.  But he wasn't done.  He grabbed another identical rifle and walked back down the sidewalk and back into the building!  As he walked back in, someone dashed out of the building through a side room.  The killer saw him and shot him as he got near the main road.

7.  The killer, still taking his time and totally non-plussed, alternately walked up to the pile of people on both sides of the main area and put several bullets into each body to make sure they were dead.  Men, women, children.  Calm and methodical.

8.  Finally, about 10 minutes after the first shots had been fired, he exits the building, and when he gets to the sidewalk, he sees a fleeing woman running down the sidewalk.  He shoots her in the back.  As she is laying in the street, he shoots her twice in the back of the head.  He then calmly gets in his car, drives to the street.  As fate would have it, the woman's body was laying in the street in front of the alleyway, so he just drove over her body.  He then headed down the road.

9. He took some shots at a few people through his car's windows as he was driving.  He seemed to not have a care in the world about the police.

10. As all the above happened and the murderer drove away, there was not the sound of a single police siren.  Almost 15 minutes would elapse since the first shots were fired before the camera caught a siren on a vehicle driving in the opposite direction on the way to the mosque.  The killer did say to himself while driving away -- something like, "Things went as planned."

11. A news story said that in his manifesto, he said he chose to use a firearm in the massacre so as to cause a wider divide in the United States on guns.  I have no idea what he thought he was trying to achieve, or why someone in New Zealand would have any interest in influencing American politics.


1. Except for the shots, everything happened in almost dead silence.  The murderer didn't speak, none of the victims spoke.  There was no screaming or yelling.  No one pleaded for their life and the killer didn't give everyone a lecture before he killed them.  Nothing like you see on television or in the movies.  It was clear that pleading would have made no difference, no matter who you were.

2. Rather than trying to flee from the building (to be fair, there wasn't a whole lot of time to do so), most people huddled in a cluster in the corner of the room, not near any exits.  In essence, they trapped themselves - the proverbial "fish in a barrel."  If a window in the room had been broken out, many could have possibly escaped that way.

3. Though there wasn't a security team at the mosque, an entire security team should never be clustered together, especially at the entrance to a building.  The people at that location were the first to go and without any warning.  Instead, you need layered security, with one or more visibly armed guards at the front of the building as a deterrent, and some others inside the building, perhaps carrying concealed handguns or standing out-of-sight with a long gun.

4. This happened in New Zealand, so no one but the killer was armed inside the mosque.  While the killer was walking down the narrow hall and then entering into the main worship area, the killer would have been vulnerable to being shot.  A group of people rushing him might well have been able to overpower him.  That's a scary thing to do, but you're going to die anyway if you don't.  The quicker the murderer can be engaged, the better the chance of stopping him and saving lives.

5. This happened on a pretty summer day and in broad daylight, a time when people feel most secure.

6. If the killer isn't stopped in short order and you have no escape route, you need to be prepared to somehow survive for 10 to 15 minutes.  Playing dead is an option, but can quite likely end up with you not playing anymore.  Begging, pleading, and reasoning with a mass killer will not save you.

7. If you can flee, do so immediately, as the window of time you have will probably close quickly.

8. Have a plan when in a public place.  Know where the exits are and be somewhat near one if you can.  Teach your family that if you ever say a certain special word by itself, like "THREAT!" they are to immediately and without question stay with you, but behind you and out of your way if armed (unless you specifically direct them otherwise), until you tell them the threat is over.

9. If you are fleeing, try to run in a zig-zagging pattern through areas where there is some cover or concealment.  Just running straight down an open sidewalk is a bad plan.

9. Carry, practice at the range, and have family "THREAT!" drills on a regular basis.

10. Finally, pray that you never in a position to have to use any of your self-defence skills

Thanks to DC Dave 

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