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The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in February began a final assault to clear out the village of Baghuz, which, as they say, is the last Daesh stronghold in Syria. Recently, they transferred some 280 captured terrorists to Iraqi security agencies. US Special Representative for Syria James Franklin Jeffrey said that the US is appealing to countries to take back Daesh foreign fighters and their families captured by the US-backed SDF in Syria, to share the burden of prosecution and re-education. Jeffrey added that the US believes there are 15,000-20,000 Daesh adherents in Syria and Iraq, with many of them in sleeper cells. "We are just about finished with the campaign along the Euphrates to defeat the last territorial holdings of the Caliphate. They're down to a few hundred fighters and less than a square kilometre of land," Jeffrey said. Recently, the SDF has been carrying out operations against Daesh terrorists in Syria, with support from the US-led coalition.