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Featured Image – New Zealand’s new religious leaders. 


Christchurch shooting….49 dead

Which adds to 13.

The last ChCh ‘shooting’ – the gunman was “33”…..and the video sounded like blanks being fired.

13 and 33 folks. Those are the two main masonic numbers. And 666

freemasonry-islam-freemasons-jews justin-bieber-masonic-hand-signs jason_kerrison_masonic-hand-signals-TOSNZ jason-kerrison-snake-shapeashifting-hits-666-masonic-2 snake-eye-masons-isis Specsavers-666-Mark-of-the-beast-satanism-freemasonry tommy-robinson-uk-666-mason masonic-owl masonic-owls-5 masonic-owl-4 masonic-shhh-secret-98 masonic-demonic-phillip-stretch masonic-shhh-secret-99 masonic-shhh-secret-876 masonic-shhh-secret-056 masonic-shhh-secret-9677 masonic-shhh-secret-9088 masonic-shhh-secret-0987 masonic-shhh-secret-0765 masonic-shhh-secret-08655 freemasonry-101-trannies-2 hitler-jewish-transvestite-tranny-freemason Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill of Moscow greets Pope Francis Masonic Snakes phil-gifford-ritual-masonic-sodomy-wayne-smith-cancer Jewish Freemasonry free-masons-child-abuse matt-doocey-masonic-hand-signs anz-bank-freemasons freemasons-beehive anz-beehive-pizza-gate Bayleys Israeli Flag

The Nation (media and government) will be praising Allah now all month. Islam will be the winner…..and possibly new machine guns for the NZ police.

Here’s another useful tip – count how many witnesses, police, rescue staff and media….are redheads. Always seems to be a lot of them…not least ChCh’s police chief…and keep a close eye his tongue when he does his speech.

Not that we would in anyway wish to suggest this tragic story might be yet another staged event…….but most of them have been so far, around this flat Plane-T, and we are advised to be vigilant….and not be troubled…….

james-rollie-heke-hoax-guy-williams 666 media works is ISIS jeremy-wells-buffalo-bill-7-sharp jeremy-wells-skin-care-range-lotion-in-the-basket-034

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