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Compared to the Republicans, Democrats in D.C. look more like kindergartners at recess break after the playground monitors walked off the job. A newly elected bartender is now the party’s spokesperson. A Muslim woman representing the Islamic city of Minneapolis appears to be advancing Jew-hatred, which didn’t end well for the world after it overran Hitler’s Germany.

The official House leadership seems to believe impeachment of the president is simply another shiny political toy, not the gravest remedy in the constitutional arsenal to protect the nation from a president who has exercised treasonous behavior or become criminally corrupt. Their greatest hope now seems to be reviewing Trump’s tax returns for as many years as they can get their hands on, in hopes of finding a mistake they can use to flog him in public.

The party leadership is making no effort to “vet” the 2020 candidates, such as having a “sit down talk” with Kamala Harris about anchor babies, natural born citizens and the constitutional requirements for president.

In fact, the Democrats’ only interest seems to be inciting mob rebellion among their ever expanding victim groups and making the nation ungovernable – for either political party. The playground monitors really have left the field.

There is, however, another explanation. This view flies in the face of insanity. It has everything to do with the kind of people who have been elected to political office in our day, and it carries the stench of desperation.

“It is a characteristic of wisdom not to do desperate things.” – Thoreau

Democrat politicos have embraced illegal immigration across our southern border for several years now. The assumption many of us have made is that when illegals manage to vote, they vote overwhelmingly Democrat (more free stuff). That’s a compelling reason not only for maintaining the flow of illegal immigrants, but for creating “sanctuary cities” and “motor voter” registration of all persons via driver’s licensing.

Encouraging, enabling, or just “looking the other way” while those here illegally dilute the votes of American citizens is corruption of the most fundamental part of self-government on a grand scale. Using the power of public office to foment this disenfranchisement of American citizens is now a clearly evident Democratic campaign promise.

Corruption only grows where it is permitted to exist. It never goes away by itself. As it grows, it ensnares ever more people. Thus, encouraging illegal immigration to produce voting majorities where they don’t legitimately exist becomes a necessity. With the illegal immigration comes child sex trafficking, the drug trade, criminal gang members from other countries expanding their territory, an increase in crime and violence here and a drain on public services.

The other thing that comes is money. Money for the people at the top of the criminal enterprise. Drug money. Prostitution money. Protection money. Campaign contributions. Speaking fees. Charity contributions. Dirty money is always looking for a way to get clean and look good in public.

If the Democrats aren’t insane, then we need another explanation for their behavior. Is public corruption that explanation? How desperate might the actions of those about to be exposed seem to an observer from the outside? Completely insane?

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