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When Frisco residents went to sleep on Wednesday night the view of Mount Victoria was familiar, with densely crowded lodgepole pine trees resting branch-to-branch above the snow-packed slope. But when they woke up Thursday morning, the view had changed considerably after a massive avalanche near the J Chute - just off of Rainbow Lake - tore through the landscape, stripping trees and leaving a gigantic white scar on the side of the peak. "The trees that are gone were full-sized lodgepoles," said Kathryn Grohusky, a Frisco resident who saw the damage from the avalanche from her home Thursday morning. "The avalanche debris is really deep, it came down the hill and took the trees out. The path is a ski run wide." When asked if she'd ever seen anything similar in her 20-plus years of living in Frisco, the answer was clear: "Nope."