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Featured Image – Kim McLeod, professional liar/ lawyer


No word yet from Kim McLeod of AJ Park on who runs the meth industry in NZ.

Kim McLeod – do the Lawyers Supply the Meth to the Gangs?

“Winston Peters was a Heroin Trafficker with Peter Williams. Winston Peters girlfriend, Heeni Phillips, is now Peter Williams common law wife. Winston Peters and Peter Williams shared the same office in Tauranga, never practised law, and only practised Heroin Trafficking. Winston Peters bribes the National Party because he was also trafficking heroin with Prime Minister Rob Muldoon. Peter Williams extorts the National Party because he filmed the President of the National Party having sex with a minor in 2009 above the Platos Restaurant on Ponsonby Road. Peter Williams owns the building next door. – Greg Hallett


McLeod is a bit too bust racing his sports cars it would seem

And crashing them

At 170 odd km’s per hour

Luckily into empty paddocks – owned by paramedics – with the same name as an Auckland Family Court / child trafficking lawyer/ liar….Lisa Halford….what are the odds? And just some minor bruising…..and presumably a fairly decent insurance claim. A brand new new racing car most likely…..–driver-tells-of-surviving-167kmh-crash-during-targa-rally


Dear God.

They really do live in a world of their own don’t ‘they’. These Bar Association crooks.

Any insurance company execs reading – yeah, you might want to go over that claim a bit more closely, not least the main witnesses…

Check it out – “322” written backwards/ in Hebrew on the car – as in the gay sex death cult 322, Skull and Bones  – and of course the colours of Saturn/ Yahu….