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A court in London has sentenced a British and Israeli cyber criminal Daniel Kaye aka "BestBuy and Popopret" to two years and eight months in prison for conducting large scale DDoS attacks on Lonestar Cell MTN disrupting the country's Internet and causing tens of millions of dollars in damages. Kaye (30) was charged for DDoS attacks against British and German organizations using millions of Mirai botnets. Some of his targets in Britain included Lloyds Bank, Bank of Scotland and Barclays who suffered attacks for consecutive two days and caused a major service outage. It all started in October 2015 when hackers began using Mirai botnet to target businesses, colleges, and government institutions. The DDoS attacks on Lonestar Cell MTN (a telecom firm responsible for providing internet service across Liberia through an undersea ACE fiber cable), however, were so powerful that it crippled the Internet in the entire county.