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The "antisemitism" smear serves to divert attention
from the grim reality - the hate really emanates from
Cabalist Jews and their Freemason agents. 
We are experiencing this hate in the form of 
a simultaneous attack on our gender, racial, 
religious and national identity.
Jew or not, if you are not an "antisemite" 
in the sense of opposing this diabolical
agenda, you are a dupe who will
pay dearly for your complacency & ignorance.

by Henry Makow PhD

I urge you to read Ted Pike's Israel: Our Duty...Our Dilemma (1984) to fully understand the danger in which humanity
finds itself today. The essential teaching of Judaism's most holy book, the Cabala, is that non-Jews form an impediment to progress
and must be subjugated or exterminated. This ideology probably explains much of mankind's tragic history and impending doom. 

Only "religious" Jews are aware of this agenda but they are very much in control of the West through their control of the banking system
and Freemasonry. The fact that Trump is surrounded by these Jews, and constantly makes Masonic hand signs, suggests that his opposition to
globalism is a distraction from his real mission, unleashing Armageddon on the goyim. 

Few people take the time to read the Cabala. Ted Pike did and outlined his findings in Chapter 12, The Conspiracy of the Kabbalah." (110-123)
The Cabala is "an attempt by the Pharisees and their descendants to wrest control of this world from God and give it to themselves." 

This is the definition of Satanism - supplanting God. Judaism at its Cabalist heart is Satanism. That's why you don't have to believe in God to follow Judaism.


According to the Cabala, Gentiles by their very existence are an impediment to Jewish rule and Heaven on Earth. "The Kabbalists saw the extermination of the Gentile as a necessary process towards restoring order in the universe. The Gentile is a form of demon...Satan himself."

Pike quotes Cabala, "When God reveals himself, they will be wiped off the face of the earth." (I Ber. 25b) 

Until that blessed day, Jews will continue to feel persecuted by the goyim. "Man" in the OldTestament refers only to Jews. How will man conquer the world?

DX-o10DVQAAd_0D (1).jpg
"By deceit and trickery wherever possible. They must be fought against without ceasing until proper order is restored. Ths it is with satisfaction that I say we should free ourselves from them and rule over them." (I, 160a, Pranaitus Trans. p.74) 

This is scary considering who controls the weapons of mass deception.

When Jewish world domination has occurred, the Messiah "will display His force and exterminate them from the world." (III, Schemoth, 7 and 9b, de Pauly.) 

"When these shall be exterminated, it will be as if God had made heaven and earth on that day..."(I, Ber. 25b)

"A the moment when the Holy One ...will exterminate all the goyim of the world, Israel alone will subsist, even as it is written, the ord alone will appear great on that day." Vayschlah, follo 177b de Pauly, Webster p.373. 

The Cabala recommends the extermination of the Gentiles as the highest religious duty. Only then will Jews be able to flourish. 

Most Jews are unaware of this diabolical agenda and certainly do not share these goals. However this subjugation od the goyim is the essence of the New World Order.

This agenda is behind world events. It's time humanity stirred from its complacency and organized its defence.