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Ok – summer fun for all the friends and family.

What better time to learn how to think for yourself while you are out and about enjoying yourself in the sun with friends and family – away form the TV mind control device, but alas still hooked on reading Media Whores on your cell phone…..

Let’s start with the easiest one

1- Jump up in the air and see if you land in the same place. This proves the Earth beneath your feet is not moving. Very easy. Case closed.

2 – Go out to any coast line around the Nation and use a flat object, ideally even a builder’s level – you can also use any flat object attached to your car etc. Line the flat object up with the horizon you can see off in the distance, what looks like the ‘end’ of the ocean. No matter where you do this, or how long the flat object you use is – you will ALWAYS prove that the ocean horizon is 100% flat. Always has been, always will be. This is why it is called ‘water level’.

3 – Keep your eyes out for clouds behind the Sun – an easy giveaway. They tend to chemtrail most days these days though – to hide the sunsets. You will notice the chemtrails always end up covering the sun as it sets.


4 – Keep an eye out for those rays of light that come down from the Sun when it is behind clouds – some basic Pythagoras will give you a fairly accurate measure of how high the Sun is – and it is only a few thousands meters…..another dead giveaway.

pythagoras-flat-earth pythagoras-flat-earth-2

5 –  If you see the Moon out in the day time – as we often seem to these days – ask yourself why that shadow on the Moon doesn’t change throughout the day, when the Earth, Sun and Moon are all said to be ‘spinning’ on their own orbits. Only makes sense if the Earth is stationary and the Moon and Sun do not spin, only move across the skies.

6 – The corrupt child abusers that own and run the private corporate media, government and education system tell us that the curvature of the Earth can be calculated as follows – The Earth has a radius of approximately 3965 miles. Using the Pythagorean theorem, that calculates to an average curvature of 7.98 inches per mile or approximately 8 inches per mile (squared). Thus if you can see a boat, mountain, harbour, wharf or whatever that is say 20 miles away – the curvature of the Earth over that distant should be 20 (squared) x  8 inches, or 3200 inches, which equates to around 81 meters. Thus if you can see a boat 20 km out in the ocean, that boat must be over 80 meters high. there are very simple examples of this fraud all over the Nation, Lake Taupo being one example – you should not be able to see the other side at all, nor the lights on at night on the other side. It will be the same for most major lakes in NZ, as well as mountains. You should not be able to see Mt Cook from Westport for example, nor even the hills on the other side of Raglan if standing on one side of the harbour. etc. Try it yourself ! Their fake science really is that pathetic and easy to debunk. This is the ball-shit they teach you in schools……and highlights the importance of not handing your children over to this criminal gang……The same ones who want to hide truth and dumb you down – are the same ones abusing the children – rest assured…….

Earth Curvature Calculator 

lake-taupo-flat-earth-2 lake-taupo-night-flat-earth earth-curvature-flat-earth flat-earth-taurus-field flat-earth-proofs flat-earth-proof-nz moon-flat-earth-2 moon-flat-earth-3 elixir-of-life-flat-earth flat-earth-elixir-of-life-bible flat-earth-43 joe-rogan-israel-flat-earth pole-star-time-lapse-flat-earth flat-earth-memes-74-1 pythagoras-flat-earth-2 kids-art-flat-earth pythagoras-flat-earth tila-tequila-flat-earth-compressed flat-earth-1 nasa-balloon-flat Flat Earth Hypothesis-1 clouds-behind-sun-and-moon-flat-earth-6 red-bull-jump-flat moon-earth-flat ball-earth-flat moon-rocket-flat why-does-the-sun-set-on-a-flat-earth-answer-its-all-perspective_thumb11504 moon-sun-together-sky-daytime-flat-earth suns-rays-2-flat sun-flat nasa-flat-moon flatearthairhorizon0 flat-earth-sattilites flat-earth-satillites flat-earth-satillites-3 flat-earth-8 flat-earth-nasa-photos flat-earth-horizon-flat flat-earth-smoke united-nations-flag_flat-earth-model flat-earth-horizon flat-earth flat-map flat-map-2 flat-earth flat-earth-2 flat-earth-3 The Tilt of the Earth Hoax 666 flat-earth-satillites-4 nasa-flat-earth-1 nasa-satan-flat-earth-4-2

More proofs in the videos below

Flat Earth NZ – on Youtube: