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Featured Image – Judge Kevin Phillips from the Lauda Finem whistle blower website. 

Might chuck these articles up while we are at it

The more Kiwis can work together to help warn others about these child sex trafficking / corrupt filthy old judges – the better for everyone – and the safer our communities can become….

Notice Kevin Phillips has been trying to shut down those who expose his child sex trafficking and other corruption for some time……

The actual solution Uncle Kev, is for you to stop being corrupt. Rounded up, arrested and put in a labour camp to await trial would be better…….

Did Colourful Judge’s 2012 “Facebooking” constitute a conflict of interest, percieved or real, in recent case – Should he have recused?

All articles containing Judge Kevin Phillips here….some may contain name suppression cases, so we will not publish them again here…..these professional pedophile minders are just busting for another excuse to arrest us…..

Chief Justice Sian Elias has turned New Zealand into a Pedophiles Paradise – by Design