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Featured Image – Queenstown corrupt/ child sex trafficking judge – Kevin Phillips. Shite, is Phillips another of these redhead child sex traffickers??? Can’t find any younger photos. The Queenstown District Court manager, Margaret Mc Sweeney is a redhead, also known to be corrupt, and possibly calling the shots down there. 

We have mentioned these particular allegations about Queenstown’s child sex trafficking and corrupt judge Kevin Phillips a few times, but thought we should give them their own headline.

The New Zealand justice system – and indeed the entire Government – is run by pedophiles for pedophiles – and they need people they can rely on throughout the system…..

And what better way to do so than by promoting a local corrupt Bar Association child sex enthusiast into the position of local judge? Something we see over and over.

All of these filthy old child sex enthusiast judges are Bar Association members – the satanic cult that runs the ‘just us’ in NZ.

They all need to be rounded up and put in labour camps in our view…..followed by trials to help distribute their ill gotten wealth among their victims….

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I agree with you in regards to the police and Judge Kevin Phillips protecting each other. How can anyone have confidence in a Judiciary that appoints a local lawyer to a position as a Judge in his local community. Blatant conflict of interest. This is a small community and everyone knows everyone. Try getting a local to give evidence against Kevin Phillips when he is the local ‘beak’. He stole from my wife and I. I reported the theft to the police, they investigated it and concealed their findings that Kevin and related parties were behind it. An OIA request revealed Kevin, as suspected, was behind it and the Queenstown police had enough evidence for a conviction as theft as a servant, I went to the IPCA to have them investigate why the Queenstown Police would not lay charges, they said I should ask the Queenstown police to re-investigate it. I did. The files went missing. ‘Destroyed’ is the word they used. Translated that means ‘stop asking, they don’t exist anymore’. I advised the investigating officer, via another officer as the investigating officer said that he does not want to talk to me, that I will go back to the IPCA. They ‘destroyed’ evidence that did not belong to them. I supplied some of it, it was my property,it should have been returned to me if they had no need of it. I returned home 4 days later, went to get the paper in the morning to find a Hazmat container with three syringes and viles in it placed on my lawn. (Hazardous material containers do not fall off trucks, they are recorded and secured. You have to keep records in the cab of a truck that can be accessed easily in the event of an accident. Nope they don’t fall off) A warning to pull my head in perhaps. A few days later I found a dead animal the same shape, size and colour as our handbag dog in a plastic bag leaning against our fence just below our mailbox. (Dead dogs do not find their way into plastic bags, tie them closed and then place themselves against the fence) Turned out to not be our dog but that was one of the reasons that I did not go to the IPCA and since then nothing ‘strange’ has happened. I did report it to the SFO as they were asked to investigate the corruption. They declined to investigate but did not pass the investigation on the the appropriate ‘department’. WTF? Corruption, yep and they know about it or they would investigate it. The old boys club works and even one of the cops said that lawyers, he was just a lawyer at the time, will circle the wagons to protect their own and not co-operate with the police. The local cop that investigated the theft of the house did not even pass his findings on to the honest cop. Even the cops look after their own. Good luck sorting that [stuff] out.

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Good on you and good luck. You are pushing very sloppy shit up a really steep hill with an incredibly pointy stick. The lunatics are in charge of the asylum and that should never be the case. They have covered it up for so long that they have to keep going and hope to out live any dissenters. They are so bolshie because they have got away with it. I hope that you can put them where they should be. They have enough rope, just waiting for them to hang themselves. It did take a while for SIr Jimmy Saville, Rolf Harris, hundreds of catholic priests and others to be exposed. The protection racket worked a treat for them. The real problem is that we have allowed them to get away with it. Yep. If it had been nipped in the bud we would not have this massive problem now.

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Don’t know if anyone reads these posts but on the assumption that there are people out there that would wonder why Kevin Phillips and his related parties would want to steal a house. Simple enough, a house can be rented and the rent is used to generate a return on investment or subsidize a negatively geared property. Destroy the house and you destroy the income that it could produce, destroy two and that is even better. That is why two houses are missing from 12 Park Street. Two weeks after the court ordered that the two properties, (9 Brisbane Street and 12 Park Street) fraudulently taken by parties related to Kevin Phillips, were to vest in me. That incidentally was almost two months to the day that I reported to the police the threats made to me that property would be destroyed. “you better have lots of insurance, you will need it” were among other threats. The court case had been held and the party that lost was refusing to seal the court order, had to get the court to do it. The word you are looking for is extortion. Took a while but eventually the court registrar had to seal it. The cop that investigated the theft found that James Macalister carried out the threats. This leads to why would anyone want to steal property. 12 Park Street had a capital value of $1.825,000.00 and 9 Brisbane Street $1,215,000.00. in 2007. I know CV is not market value. 9 Frankton Road sold for $7,000,000.00 as bare land a year earlier than the CV’s were done and those figures were easily predicted. Okay so if you do the math on the bare land, given that Kev’s related parties had destroyed two houses, that is $4,800,000. ($7,000,000.00 divided by 2,808m times 1,929m)

xxxxxxxx· Friends with Ian Wishart

Ok, so now you get the picture, but the ignorant will claim well your wife did it. She was offered the use of $500,000.00 of the equity in the properties and was still my wife for many years after this incident. Being Japanese she wished to return to Japan to take care of her ageing parents. Funny things Japanese, imagine wanting to look after your parents, actually I think it is a good thing to do. She was also threatened and she was not behind the threats. She couldn’t kill an animal, place it in a plastic bag and leave it against my fence, leave notes on my vehicle, tamper with vehicles, destroy two houses or more importantly obtain favours from cops not to investigate or lay charges, destroy evidence held by the police, intimidate witnesses, tamper with legal documents, destroy evidence held by the courts and lose the use of $500,000.00. She was frightened. Understandably. She is hardly likely to threaten herself and an OIA request found that she had been threatened and not by me. She never told me of the threats uncovered by the OIA. Yeah okay the math is $16,000.00 short but 9 Brisbane Street has a house on it and 9 Frankton Road is bare land. Oh yeah. The rates on the bare land at 12 Park Street were $80.00 a week. Only some one with significant surplus income would destroy the income from the buildings, you can work it out, how many tenants did Conrad have per room and what was he charging? 7 rooms in the two destroyed houses and walking distance to town. The result being no income and $80.00 a week to the council for what? To piss me off? Well that worked. Sure there were other things, I don’t like my mother-in-law but the Dad-in-law is cool. I get that you are annoyed about greedy landlords. I earned everything that I worked for and Kevin stole it. I refused any help from my in-laws because of my mum-in-law. Evil woman. My wife never had any money, savings, investments or a job but the dad-in-law matched my investments when we got married. That was it. I told him that I didn’t want it, the daughter was enough. Money was easy to make in Japan. Ask Conrad, he made his money there too. The cops claimed, based on no evidence, that my-in-laws paid for the house. They just make [stuff]  up. Maybe to be able to claim that Kevin didn’t really steal from my wife and me but from some Japanese dude who lost the war. Check the title, simple enough. Costs $15 dollars. No mention of any Japanese dude. The cops should just do their job, investigate crime and lay charges, anything else smells of corruption. Just rely on facts. Don’t make [stuff] up. We need to have confidence in the cops and not who can offer the biggest bribe.


Firstly- is the accusation of perjury subjective?

No it is not. Well at least not to anyone who still has their eyesight.

Video evidence was provided in the case below (although limited video evidence, despite a previous judge ordering that more be obtained – which was ignored by Queenstown’s police) – and clearly shows that Judge Kevin Phillips allowed the Crown’s main witness (and so called “victim”) to lie while under oath no less than 18 times.

The bouncer shown in the video – one Simon David Orpin of the UK – stated on the witness stand numerous times that he had ‘never left the bar door’.

As the video shows, he quite clearly left the bar door twice.

It was like a scene from 1984 standing in the courtroom as this ridiculous judge and his fellow conspirator Sergeant Ian Collin, both nodded and agreed that Mr Orpin had never followed the man out the bar door before the fight started outside, despite the video evidence playing in front of them clearly showing otherwise.

The comments section under the video also details a few other allegations of fraud and dishonesty by the court, the qt police and judge Kevin Phillips – including holding secret/ unnotified court hearings, withholding court transcripts (as in refusing to provide them despite being required to by law- Margaret McSweeney, District Court manager), witness statements that looked like they had been twinked out, altered and photocopied over, and also refusing/ ignoring a lawful request to have the case transferred to the High Court, as is a defendants rights.

If you watch the video below – and read the statements made in the court by David Simon Orpin and judge Kevin Philips, the only conclusion a reasonable man can reach, in my opinion, is that this judge is beyond repair.

Judge Kevin Philips has been involved in a number of horrific decisions in recent years, some involving questionable name suppression for alleged sex offenders (including a local police officer- see “policeman who filmed teen in shower”) and others involving allegations of perjury (see Shane Cribb case)

What makes the case below even more interesting, is that the man whom David Orpin admitted attacking outside the bar, is a fairly prolific NZ journalist and blogger who was at the time in Queenstown promoting the books of exiled New Zealand author Greg Hallett and had days earlier donated some of his ‘banned’ books to the Queenstown Library. He was also covering the breaking Westminster Scandal which involved allegations of numerous allegations of British MP’s, Lords and even judges being involved in establishment protected child abuse rings.

The man who was attacked by Barmuda bouncer David Orpin and then wrongly convicted by judge Kevin Phillips – who relied on 18+ counts of black and white perjury – has maintained that he was set up that night for his work exposing these allegations of child abuse rings that are protected by various powerful elements of the establishment.

The case was then appealed to the High Court (where it should have been heard to begin with) and then to the Court of Appeal- where Justice Brown, Justice Brown, Justice Ellen, Justice France, Justice Heath and Justice Bird all ratified the documented perjury.

What was learned throughout this 2.5 years process- was that the same issues which have infected our district court system, have also infected our High Courts and Court of Appeal.

People will be aware that we have now had the right of appeal to a higher court in England removed in recent years by PM Helen Clark. We are now apparently ‘locked in’ in New Zealand with a judiciary who rule as they please, even if it means ignoring the video evidence in front of them.

It sounds more like a story / situation out of Soviet Russia than modern day New Zealand.

This is clearly an unacceptable situation for Kiwis and humanity in general.

Something must be done about these people. And I guess it starts by simply documenting it all and trying to spread the word.

Judge Kevin Phillips, Kevin Phillips, Judge Phillips Queenstown, Queenstown District Court, David Simon Orpin

The lunatics are in charge of the asylum and that should never be the case. They have covered it up for so long that they have to keep going and hope to out live any dissenters. They are so bolshie because they have got away with it. I hope that you can put them where they should be. They have enough rope, just waiting for them to hang themselves. It did take a while for SIr Jimmy Saville, Rolf Harris, hundreds of catholic priests and others to be exposed. The protection racket worked a treat for them. The real problem is that we have allowed them to get away with it. Yep. If it had been nipped in the bud we would not have this massive problem now.