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Featured Image – Queenstown’s cross dressing Judge, Kevin Phillips. Image source now removed from Google. 


We seem to be in the rather astounding situation in New Zealand where these sleazy old pedophile minder and child sex trafficking judges and the police that protect them are ordering the unlawful and illegal kidnapping of those who expose their child sex trafficking crimes and related corruption….

Judge Kevin Phillips is Now Ordering the Kidnapping of Journalists Who Expose His Relentless Corruption

A while back we posted the latest videos of Otago man Chris Wardill who had his daughter kidnapped off him by the pedophile ring NZ judiciary and then went on to name a pedophile police man from Otago whom corrupt old sleaze bag Judge Kevin Phillips had apparently helped protect and whom Wardill claims is a personal friend of Judge Phillips…..that policeman has now apparently relocated to Wanaka where he is no doubt now emboldened, knowing that the corrupt / child sex trafficking / sleaze bag NZ judges have his back, should he decide to sexually abuse more children in the region.


Name suppression breach – defendant Chris Wardill calls out Otago Police on prosecutorial misconduct

You can see that Wardill’s vidoes have now been removed from Youtube…

Judge Kevin Phillips Accused of (More) Child Sex Trafficking Crimes

Given we now know that corrupt / child sex trafficking judge Kevin Phillips is ordering the kidnapping of journalists and other who expose his relentless court room corruption and related child sex trafficking – we thought we should put this message out there…has anyone seen Wardill of late? Could the corrupt lawless judge Kevin Phillips have ordered his kidnapping now also?

Obviously the solution here is to have these corrupt old sleaze bag/ child sex enthusiast judges rounded up, imprisoned and put on trial – along with all of the pedophile police that they work with – but one wonders just how out of control these pedophiles and their pedophile minder judges will get before NZ can take back control of this out of control/ child sex and drug movement judiciary.

The Queenstown region is now swarming with these lunatic child sex and drug addict rich listers, many of them buying up properties from overseas, safe in the knowledge that Old uncle Kev – the local corrupt/ pedophile minder judge has their back . Nobody is safe down that way with this corrupt old child sex promoter at the reigns…..

Chief Justice Sian Elias has turned New Zealand into a Pedophiles Paradise – by Design

Some of Wardill’s videos are still up……so the entire channel has not gone…