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Translated and captioned by Leo. A few months have passed since the end of the World Cup, which our country hosted. In the Western media, enthusiasm from the fans subsided, and the dull anti-Russian propaganda began again. But it is being countered by ordinary foreign tourists. A couple of Britons - Katie and Robbie - started an online report on Twitter from their journey on the Trans-Siberian Railway from Moscow to Beijing. Katie, however, due to British education, is calling our railway miracle the Trans-Mongolian Railway, but we will forgive her. Interesting, of course, is not the knowledge of ordinary Europeans in geographical names, but how their published photos and videos tear both Western and domestic liberal myths to shreds. One myth, for example, says that "fine food is only in Europe." The Briton categorically disagrees. "The food is amazing! It's all fresh and homemade."