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.Featured Image – the Goy slaves offering up their children to eL/ the Lord/ Moloch/ Satan on a Saturday. These days the ‘sacrifices’ are usually made at the Jewish owned shopping malls, mega centers, movie theaters and new age transvestite Satan worship teen music concerts. With the standard bars and nightclubs for the more grown up Goy, and all new street prostitutes, mega whore houses, and meth dens for the slightly more experienced, as well as the all new Jewish owned sex dating Apps, such as Grinda and Tinder.  Saturn Day is now a right old Satanic feeding frenzy – painted up as ‘liberalism’ – and the corporate Jews/ Jesuits  just love it. There is record recording of the sale of Goy souls for the Jews’ Profit. 

To mark Saturn / Satan Day today, Media Whores thought we would post some more of the best Trample on Snakes videos.

Saturn Day is of course the Sabbath for the Saturn worshiping Synagogue of Satan and thus the day in which they all hide away in their military bunkers and do various forms of spells and black magic on the populations of the Nations they have infiltrated and now control, as those same populations are lured in and tempted by all of the various Phoenician owned corporation and associated advertising and marketing (not least the all new LGBT All Blacks which these same corporate Jews now skillfully schedule for every Saturn Day night- almost all year round)  to go out and get as wasted as humanly possible, maxing out their debit and credit cards, getting in fights and trying almost desperately to spit their Christos/ holy oil all over some willing Jewish whore. As in the ones sent out by the Synagogue on Saturn days for that purpose – to steal the oil off the Goy. Or some other type of whore – to be correct.

These same brainless Goy – or Beasts as the Jews call them – then all march dutifully back to work on the Moon Day / Lunatic day mornings – which is possibly the best day of the week to take off – then toil away all week in the Jewish owned corporations just to pay for the previous weekend’s shopping and booze binge, and save up for the next one.

A growing portion of them end up in the jails and court houses on Mondays instead, which is great business for the Ju-dges and Bar Association Rabbis (more corporate Jews dressed as our Saviors)

It’s a masterful plan – called slavery – or Babylon if you will – and no one exposes it better than our mate #TOS

So without further a Jew – here he is – right after this quick message from our non sponsors….