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(Salon) — Reading the headlines this past fall, one might get the impression that the alt-right — a conglomeration of white supremacists, conspiracy theorists and other fringe provocateurs — is falling apart after a couple of years of riding high on the campaign and election of Donald Trump.

Milo Yiannopoulos, whose race-baiting and overt misogyny made him seem like a rising right-wing star early in 2017, was recently revealed to be at least $2 million in debt. Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, who has been banned from major media platforms like YouTube and Facebook, has seen the audience for his Infowars network cut in half. The “Western chauvinist” group the Proud Boys has imploded after a number of them were arrested for beating up anti-fascist protesters at an event in New York. Far-right activist Laura Loomer is so desperate for relevance after being banned from Twitter that she chained herself to the company’s front door in protest.

Now, more than a year after white supremacists started a race riot to defend Confederate monuments in Charlottesville, Virginia, white supremacist James Alex Fields is on trial for running his car into a group of counter-protesters, killing one woman and injuring more than two dozen others, some so badly they are still suffering the consequences. The trial isn’t going well for Fields, who has sat stone-faced in court while the prosecution provides text and audio evidence demonstrating his lack of remorse.

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